Sunday, November 28, 2010

Luminaire Project

I have really enjoyed this project. I like that we are creating something that actually works and can be used once the critiques are over. My inspiration was knowledge. I initially wanted to create a sphere, made out of mylar.

 After some experimentation, I decided against the sphere idea, and decided to create a cube. I felt that a cube represented knowledge much better, because there is so much knowledge that comes to mind as soon as you think of a square. 4 sides, four 90〫angles, symmetrical, cut in half creates rectangles, diagonally cut creates two 45-45-90 triangles, all sides are equal. 



My idea evolved to be a cube made out of mylar, and held together with eyelets. I used vellum to experiment, in an effort to reduce costs. I weaved together a small version, as shown above.


Then, I tried a larger scale and added the eyelets. I was going to use silver ones, but again, in an effort to reduce costs, I  used blue ones to save the silver eyelets. 


 Again, my project evolved. I decided against using eyelets, because they made the cube look too busy. My next step was trying to make the cube with the mylar. After sampling a few different bonding methods on scrap pieces, I chose rubber cement. However, once the whole thing was put together, the glue was very visible and unattractive. 


Finally, I made the choice to use vellum in the final product. It was much sturdier than the mylar and it looked much more finished. 

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