Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Sketches of Light


This is my sketch of a water bottle.                              This is a sketch of a Vitamin Water Bottle.
I observed it under less harsh sunlight.                       I drew this under very bright sunlight, 
i enjoyed the curves of the bottle and the                    which made very drastic changes in the 
way the light went through each bump.                       values. This drawing took me about 45 
I took about half an hour on this observation              minutes to complete. I used different line
but I would have liked to spend a bit more                  directions to add interest and texture.
time on it. I used cross hatching and, although         I wanted to explore how the drawing would
I'm not very good at it, I tried to do a gradient             look if it wasn't totally realistic. I made the
in the bumps of the bottle.                                             transitions less subtle and I really kind of
                                                                                          like the outcome.
Both drawings were done with drawing pencils, around 11:00 to 1:00 in the studio windows.

This is a drawing of a leaf done by Rajee Wilson. I really like the way the leaf looks realistic, yet you can still tell its a drawing. The shadow is a bit darker than you'd expect, but it adds a nice character to the piece. The veins in the leaf are drawn in very nicely, and that adds to the realistic feel of the artwork.

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