Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cenci Goepel & Jens Warnecke

What is light? 
I think light is a very important aspect, not only in design, but in everyday life. Light can accentuate important features, hide insignificant places, create  illusions, even completely change the way you view something. The different kinds of light (fluorescent, natural sunlight, incandescent, etc.) Lighting can make or break a space, and it affects the way a color is seen. 

What quality of light is most important for the artists?
'Light Graffiti" or "Light Painting" 
The two artists travel all over the world and, using torches, fires and flashlights, capture the beauty of the night. Their artwork with the use of light is absolutely beautiful. They first discovered the phenomenon by taking pictures with candles, lighters, and long exposure times. 

At dusk, when other landscape photographers stow away their equipment, 
we get ready to work. Whether its in the wind-swept patagonian desert or in the icy northern part of Norway: wherever we travel we explore landscapes that reveal 
magic beauty in the dark. A bit of moonlight, a faint glow of northern lights, some modified torches or a carefully placed 
fire: that is all it takes to uncover what is hidden in the dark. And when the sun comes up the next morning, no trace remains to show that we have ever been there.

The pair travels all over the world. They have photographed in MANY many places: Karijini National Park, Australia; Finnmark, Norway; Sandstone, Australia; Ilulissat, Greenland; Provincia Santa Cruz, Argentina; Eagle Bay, Australia; Death Valley, California; Briksdalsbreen, Norway; and many more. 

They met years ago, and by chance, discovered the beauty of light painting during the night. They fell in love after a few years of working together, and now they travel all over. They enjoy traveling and taking the pictures all over the world, and have an ever-growing list of places to see and photograph. Shown are just a few of their pieces.


I found a few artists who Goepel and Warnecke would probably relate to. Their artwork can be found on this website: Lichtfaktor

The artists' work looks very similar to Goepel & Warnecke's, but it is different in the respect that their work isn't in a landscape in nature. There are people in the pieces, and they don't seem as planned out as the ones in this post. However, the looks of the lighting are very similar.

I find this use of light to be very intriguing and quite engaging. It makes the viewer want to stare at it, like the object will suddenly move and go somewhere. I am very interested in this form of light, and there are so many things to be done with it. 
Who knows, this may be the art of the future.

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